Regulated Cannabis Flow

General Flow of materials through the regulated cannabis industry. Starting from the Plant through Collection, Production, Processing, QA, Packaging, Retail and Consumer.

  • See Regulated Cannabis Plants Flow for details on the processes before the Crop.
  • When Wet and Dry materials are collected from Plants they flow into a Harvest Batch (generally)
  • The Harvest Batch records weights that become Buds/Trim inventory Net materials.
    • These Net materials are then cut and combined into production Lots
  • Material is split into two classes.
  • Material is processed, into oil or hash or simply packaged buds.
  • Transfers are file with the agency
    • NOTE: METRC users must use that system, it does not allow third party integrators here.
  • Retailers accept the green-product.
  • Delivery may be an option
  • Consumer enjoys a refreshing doob and a warm brandy.