Convert Intermediate to Intermediate

Well, it's not really possible but it can sort of be accomplished like this.

Flower to Rough Oil and Fine Oil.

This example starts off with Flower Material (or Other) and then processes it a first time to make some rough Oil. This rough oil is then refined into fine-grade oil

Flower to Oil - Twice.

Some folks like to process their plant material (Flower or Other) into oil twice; basically running the extraction twice. The second run may be days or weeks after the first run. To acomplish this the materials are processed once, consuming a small part and then the final process with Waste accounted for.

  • 2200g Flower => 200g Oil + 0g Waste
    • No Waste, the remaining 2000g of material remains in Flower
  • 2000g Flower => 160g Oil + 1840g Waste

Flower to Kief and Oil Processing

Shake Flower Lot A to separate the Keif. Use Conversion to take 20g of the Flower lot and create 20g of Keif.

  • 2220g Flower - 20g => 20g Kief

Then later press this Flower to Oil and consume the rest

  • 2200g Flower => 200g Oil + 2000g Waste