In the Washington State system the Destruction of either Plants or Inventory is a two step process. First Schedule for Destruction (and move to Quarantine). Then confirm the destruction.

The system does not (generally) automatically destroy these for you, it must be confirmed.

  • Select the Items (either Plants or Inventory)
  • Schedule for Destruction.
    • You must enter a reason by choosing a select class of reasons and entering a free-text explanation.
  • Wait for 72 hours, a required quarantine period
  • Move the Materials from Quarantine to the Garbage
  • Confirm Destruction in the software.

While waiting in the Quarantine period the materials should not be touched, moved or modified at all.

Physical destruction means either

  • Bagging the materials and placing in a waste bin for commerical waste pickup.
  • Mixing the materials into a compost pile with at least 50% non-marijuana materials.