LeafData - Washington

Seed to Sale Flow

Creating Plants

  • Create an Area (aka: Room/Zone) in the System, Type doesn't matter, it's a required attribute.
  • Create a Strain in the System, it's a required attribute.
  • Create a Batch/Plant in the System, it's a required attribute.
    • Type: Plant
    • Num Plants: 10
      • I really seems like you shouldn't set a number here, cause it creates plants.
  • Create a Plant -- which will add new plants to an existing batch.
    • Batch: Pick that one ^^^
    • Add Details

Collecting Wet Materials?

Batch Add -- Didn't works

Type: Harvest;

Area: @AREA@

Stage: Wet


PRoduction Batch:

- Added a Production Run of type Harvest, and it shows up on the Batches page not the Production Run page

Creating Flower Lots

I did one that looked like batch/harvest_plants, that seemed to modify my plants a bit. Then I had to Create a Lot, and Designate a Batch (and I needed an Inventory Type first, so go back one step.)

So, back to Lots/Create -- Pick a Batch, Type, Inventory Item The UI don't block you from making stupid combinations, so take care here That gives you an Inventory_Lot


Here's some notes on Leaf Data