LeafData - Harvest Process

LeafData doesn't have a clearly defined workflow for the Plant Collection (ie: Harvesting/Curing) process.

Wet Collection / Harvesting

In LeafData the Harvest process begins by selecting one or more Plants, from one or more plant Batches for Harvest. All Plants must be of the same Strain. Enter a the value of the sum of the raw wet materials collected from all these plants.

Similar to other systems there are two classifications for material, the "Flower" path and the "Other" path. The Flower path is for materials that will later become the Flower Lots that eventually becomes packaged cannabis or may be processed. The Other path is for materials that will be processed in some additional way.

Dry Collection / Curing

During the dry collection phase values for dry material are simply updated for the Harvest Batch. Just choose the Batch and enter a new weight.

Net Collection / Finishing