Manifests - Price Tricks

Here are some tricks to work around work-flow issues created by the tracability system.

Pre-Production Tests

In this case Grower A would like to have Processor B run a small amount of product before committing to an all-in run. Materials must be sold, and must have a non-zero price. However, many times this process would be cost-resolved later.

So, in this case Grower A should sell 10g of material (or some small amount) to Processor B for a small, unique amount. For example, all pre-runs for kief would be for $0.53. Or all pre-runs for rosin would be for $0.76.

Using this method the price can be an indicator of process/purchase intent in a system that otherwise doesn't easily allow this flow.

By keeping the price very low here, it will also reduce any impact on taxes.