Manifests - Returns

Pending Acceptance

If the items are pending acceptance, then it's possible for the Sending side to pull back the item.

Transfer Completed

In this case the Receiver side would need to re-manifest these items back - on their own, dedicated manifest. These items are received back to the Producer/Processor side.

Then the PP can manifest new items back to the retailer.


All items must have a transfer price. So when executing a "swap" it is necessary to return the items for some dollar amount. Then sell the replacement items for the same dollar amount.

Processing Rejections/Returns

If the items are being rejected the recipient will enter updated quantity values and the Sender will be responsible for entering updated prices. After the Recipient enters their information then Return details will appear in the Sender's traceability software.

Pending Returns should to be processed the same day. For full rejected items the Inventory Lot will simply return to the Sender's inventory. For partial returns the original Lot ID stays at the recipieient, and a new ID is assigned for the partial items.

Correcting Rejections/Returns

If the tax period is closed then you'll have to contact the The MJ Excise Tax Unit by email ( or phone (360-664-1789). Ask them to re-open the tax period. Update the prices on the Manifests/Transfers. Re-Submit the Revenue/Tax report.