QA Samples to Incorrect Labs

If a QA Sample has been incorrectly assigned to the wrong lab

Assigned to Wrong Lab

  • Select the QA Sample that was incorrectly assigned.
  • Use Revert functionality to restore this product back to it's Parent Lot
  • Create new QA Sample for correct Lab
  • Create Manifest
  • Release Manifest

Assigned to Wrong Lab and Shipped

If the Sample has already been manifested and shipped to the lab it's only slightly more complex. The items must be processed back into your facility.

First, process the sent manifest for returns. If the items have already been received at the lab they may need to manifest these same items back to you. If the items are pending acceptance then you will be able to pull them back. Once the inventory is restored to your license then follow the same Revert, Re-Create procedures above.

  • Pull-Back, Reject / Return
  • Revert to Parent
  • Create New QA Item for Correct Lab
  • Create Manifest with Item
  • Release
  • Send Manifest to Lab, with Updated Inventory IDs