Migrate from BioTrackTHC


You will need to have your

  • UBI: Generall a nine digit code assigned by the Regulatory Agency
  • Username: The email address used with the regulatory system
  • Password:


The password used to sign-in to the BioTrack application is not the password used to connect to the State Regulatory System.

This information can be found in BioTrack here:

  • Adminstration Menu
    • State Monitoring
    • Settings
      • Username
      • Password

If you do not know the password used to connect to the State Regulatory System / State Monitoring System you will need to reset it.

Not Real Time

Another thing to note is that the BioTrack based State Regulatory/Monitoring System does not operation in real-time. So, changes made in BioTrack Free, BioTrack Paid or in your selected third-party software will not be instantly visible in the other. This means you may need to run the Synchronization operations in either (or both) your BioTrack system or your selected third-party.

Sync in BioTrack Free

  • Adminstration
    • Synchronization
      • All

Sync in BioTrack Paid

  • Adminstration
    • Synchronization
      • All
      • Or choose a specific data-set