Plant Collection - Dry/Cure

During the Dry Collection is where materials that were entered as Wet Flower become their Dry Flower, Dry Other and Dry Waste components. These operations are generally done per Strain.

  • Flower: The obvious top-quality nugs, trimmed or untrimmed, can become bagged flower.
  • Other: The obvious sticks, leaves, residual material from the trimming process, b-grade nugs, stuff to be processed.
  • Waste: The true garbage.

It's important to understand that these Dry Other and Dry Waste materials are not related at all to the Wet Other and Wet Waste materials.

The Flower here is the resolution of the materials collected Wet.

Dry Flower

This is the material, in raw bulk form, that can become Bagged Flower, Usable Marijuana, Pre-Rolls, etc. This material can also be converted to Kief or other processing forms.

Flower material must be processed into a Flower Lot to be processed or sold.

The system obligates you to enter a Flower weight. If your curing process has no material that is classified as Flower, Simply enter a very small number here, eg: 1 gram, which creates a bunk Flower item. Then find this item, and use Adjust to zero it out as a bunk/work-around fix.

Dry Other

This is the material, in raw bulk form, that will be used for some other kind of processing. It's your choice to classify materials as Flower or Other, these classifications only impact what can happen to them next. Other is generally processed to kief, or oil or some other kind of extract. But this can also be combined into a Marijuna Mix for making pre-rolls, or caviar cones and the like (see Mixed Infused).

Other materila must be combined into Other Lot, with a 15 US Pound maximum weight limit before being processed or sold.


The leftover crap that you'll just throw away. Regulations say you have to track it, mark it to be destroyed, quarantine it, and later confirm destruction. Material entered here exits the system once destruction is confirmed.