Plant Collection - Wet/Harvest

Plant Collection Wet

Wet Collection, or Harvest is the process of collecting the fresh, raw materials from the plant. These operations are generally done per Strain.

Typically there are two items created from this process Flower and Waste. The Flower is any material that should be entered into the system for any future production. The Waste is there to account for garbage, stalks, sticks, leaf and stuff.

There is also a concept of Wet Other in the BioTrack world. This is plant matter that immediatly enters production, can be lotted and sold directly. This Wet Other material is not related in any way to the Other material in the Dry Collect/Cure stage.

Drying in Other Facility

It's possible to sell whole wet plants to another process who would then cure this material. This process can only be done once on a plant, and should include the entire weight to sell.

Enter the Wet Flower weigth, and select Dry in other Location. This will create a very large Wet Flower item, this item would then be sold to a Processor.

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