Printing Overview

Printing from web-applications requires special care. These rules will apply to MJ Freeway, WeedTraQR, GrowFlow, Mister Kraken and others.

If Printer is not visible, when attempting to print first check Windows Settings (Control Panel) and print a page, Restart Browser

From Chrome

  • Destination: Change - Select proper Printer
  • Paper Size: choose correct value
    • If the Paper Size shows undefined you will need to configure Stocks
  • Scale: should always be configured to 100
  • Options:
    • Fit to Page: Unchecked

Print Options for Sheets

Choose the correct Paper Size and Scale.

Print Options Labels

Choose the correct Layout, Paper Size, Margins and Scale.

From Firefox

Ensure that when printing pages

  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Page Setup: Ensure the correct Page Size is Selected.

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