Printing - Zebra

Make sure that you are using the latest drivers.

  • Use ZPL Driver
  • Version: or newer

Installing: In the list of drivers choose 'ZDesigner LP 2824 (ZPL)'. Select the USB port. Skip the Font Downloader and Status Monitor and choose Finish.

Windows 7, 8 & 10


  • Start => Gear => Devices => Printers & Scanners
  • Select Printer => Manage
  • Printer Properties
    • Printer Settings: Always Use Driver Settings Checked
    • Stocks Tab
  • Printing Preferences
    • Options Tab: Size - Set Correctly
    • Advanced Setup Tab: Use Printer Settings Checked
    • Stocks Tab: Define Proper Size
  • Hold Feed for Four Flash Calibrate Process

LP 2824 TLP 2824

These details are very similar for all models of Zebra including GC420, QLn220

Printer Properties

The Printer Needs to configured properly to print from the PDF files rendered from WeedTraQR. These settings are specific to your printer, and the type of labels you purchase. You will need to configure your Zebra properly for alignment, density and necessary stock details.

After changing any settings you may need to restart any running Browsers or PDF Viewers so they get the new settings.

Printer Settings Tab

Check Always use drivers settings

Printer Settings

Printer Stocks Tab

Configure Stocks for each of the label sizes you have. When printing from Firefox or Chrome select that stock (Properties) which matches the format in WeedTraQR. It should remember it every time.

Stocks Stocks-Create

Printing Preferences

Options Tab:

Define the Size of your default labels.


Advanced Tab:

Select the use Use Printer Settings option.



  • Tools
    • Load Factory Default
    • Reset Printer
    • Calibrate Media


  • Stocks Maximum Widtn is 1.89