Printing - Zebra - Troubleshooting

What do Blinking Lights Mean?

Prints One or Two Labels, Then Stops

Reset, Calibrate and then Configure Stocks

Power Off, Press and hold the Feed button, power on, wait for Feed button to blink red four times then release. A bunch of stuff should print, then press Feed, for the Out of Dump message. Each press of the Feed button should advance the label one time.

Skewed Printing

Follow the instruction here to skew the printers alignment:

Zebra on Macintosh

Printing to the Zebra from Safari sometimes doesn't work well. The margins get all messaged up and squish the labels.

If the preview is loaded in the Preview App and printed it should print OK. Just right-click the previewed document and select 'Open in Preview'.


There are some tools called Zebra Utilities; not sure what they do.


  • Calibrate: Power On, wait for green-light; Hold Feed until there is the four-flash sequence; let go.
  • Use the EPL2 Driver
  • Print using System Dialog, not browser dialog, ensure correct paper size


This printer is NOT recommended. While small and portable this printer suffers hard from the Label Skipping problem. When printing one label at a time, it's OK. When printing three or more, or multiple copies this thing is just a problem. And it costs much more than the LP 2824.


  • Needs to have the Thermal Ribbon or then set to Direct Thermal.
  • For Direct Thermal leave printer on and press and hold feed for the four-flash count, switch to Direct.
  • Set the Driver settings to 'Direct Thermal'


  • Installing on OS X
  • Zebra ZD500 Configuration LAN from OS X, Use LPD, Default Queue (blank)


This printer is a beast, not really that awesome but it is supported. Support: