Retail Combo Packs

The "Combo Pack" can represent either

  • Sampler of Various Strains, Flower Nugs
  • Sampler of Various Strains, Pre-Rolled Joints

Joint Flights

Assume we are making 1g joints, from each strain and want to make 100 packages with 3 joints each.

Pick 2 or more Flower Lots; unique Strains

  • Inventory A = Bubba Kush Flower Lot
  • Inventory B = Durban Poison Flower Lot
  • Inventory # = Sour Diesel Flower Lot

Select the Amount Used of each

  • A = 100g
  • B = 100g
  • C = 100g

Configure the Output

The Product Name should be updated to include details of the package contents.

  • Type: Usable MJ
  • Strain: [ Name List ]
  • Product: 3pk Joint Flight
  • QA: Leave Blank
  • Packages: 100
  • Usable Weight: 3g


There will be one new Inventory item created. This item will have two parents (the Flower Lots) and it will indicate it's a 3g item. Then sub-lot and sell to retailers as normal.