Samples for Retailer Education

See: WAC 314-55-096 Section 3.

At most 10 units per employee may be sent, with a maximum of 100 per month.

Size Limits

  • Usable, Mix and Mix/Infused max 0.5 g per unit
  • Edible/Solid, Edible/Liquid 10 mg per unit
  • Extract for Inhalation 0.25 g per unit

These Vendor Samples are only suitable for products that are already carried by the Vendor.

At the Retail location these Vendor Samples are only suitable for budtenders directly involved in product sales.


  • Include the your UBI and Company Name
  • Include the Text "Budtender Sample"
  • Include the QA
  • Include the Unit Identifier (16 digits)