Samples for Vendors

Samples for Processors

Must be taken from products that may be transferred/sold to a Processor. That means bulk, or intermediate inventory such as Kief, Oil, Flower Lots.

  • Select the Material
  • Choose Sample to create a Vendor Sample

Retail samples must be sent from Retail class inventory items (Usable MJ, Extract for Inhalation).

If qualified sample materials do not exist, create those first through the Conversion process.

  • Hash, Keif, CO2-Oil => Extract for Inhalation
  • Flower Lot => Usable MJ
  • Mixed => Mixed Packaged

When preparing samples for multiple stores create the necessary quantity during conversion. That is, convert into five packages when preparing samples for five stores.

Then take Samples directly this newly created retail class Inventory.

Samples of Hash

  • Convert some Hash into Extract for Inhalation in 0.5 g Packages
  • Convert as many units as intended sample, eg: for 10 vendors make 10 samples.
  • Select this Extract for Inhalation and select Sample