Tax Filing


In Washington the Revenues and Excise Taxes must be filed by the 20th of the following month (eg: by Feb 20th for January business).

The Revenues are considered to be all sales of materials, with the exception of Processor to Processor sales of Processing grade materials. The LCB and BioTrack have not provided an explicit list of these items.

For a Producer and Processor the Excise Taxes will always be zero.

Closed Tax Periods

If a tax period is closed, then the WSLCB will need to manually unlock this period. Make a request to:

To: Subject: Closed Tax Period MM/YYYY

Please re-open my tax period for MM/YYYY, it's closed however I need to make adjustments. My UBI is: 999999999 and my license number is: 999999 Thank you.

Once the tax period is unlocked you will receive an email from the WSLCB. You will then have 24 hours to update the Revenues.