Standard Operating Procedures

General Guidance on Marijuana Inventory Tracking

Units of Measure

Always use the "Metric" system, that is Grams, and Liters.

Plant, Inventory and Lot Identifiers

Your regulatory system will heavily use these numbers and all items will be treated uniquely. So, pay good attention to these identifiers when scanning, updating or modifying items.

Go Slow!

It sounds counter-intuitive but slowing down, double checking the plan before proceeding and checking your work right after can save a lot of headache. If you rush through a process and make a mistake these regulatory systems make it difficult to correct. Better to delay a process by a few hours and do it correctly than to rush the process and have to spend a bunch of time undoing a mess.

Getting Started

1) Get your tracking (traceability) software installed

2) Get your tracking software configured.

  1. Connect to the State Regulatory System
  2. Configure Label Printers: Install Drivers, Configure Media Sizes, Calibrate
  3. Configure Label Scanners: Install, Test Scanning

3) View Training Materials.

  1. Review the State Laws
  2. Review the Software Training

Other Helpful Procedure Documents