A Proposal for Common API and Common Data Model

Closed Systems Are Bad

Some of the vendors are on the market only work with their own systems (BioTrackTHC) or have a close-knit relationship that excludes others (MJ Freeway + Jane). This creates a situation where the customers of BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway and/or Jane become boxed in. If we're not in the same closed circles, we couldn't do business.

These vendors assume this will add strength but their customers will actually suffer in the long run.

Interoperability is Key!

Being able to easily and reliably send data from one Marijuana platform to the other is critical for the success of all. OpenTHC makes this possible by defining a baseline set of data that can be sent from one system to another, through a common API.

With this kind of configuration each platform vendor (BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway, OpenTHC, GreenBits, Jane and others) only has to work with one API. They can simply publish the outbound data through OpenTHC. The receiving side is alerted (or may poll) OpenTHC for this data coming across.

This improves interoperability between all of these marijuana software vendors and provides marijuana business owners with Choice.

Crash Course

Provides a common reference and API end-point specification for implementing Cannabis Data Systems.

The world of cannabis regulatory compliance is complex and large. There are hundreds of vendors, each with a common goal but without an API, or have implemented a unique flavor. The goal of this interface is to provide a basis for data interoperability.

An important first step for bringing the industry together is to start talking in with common terms, a second is a common interface.

The OpenTHC API Specification aims to describe one part of this standard.

The OpenTHC CRE, Bunk, Data, Dump, Menu, P2P, Pipe, QA and other services implement these interfaces.

It's our hope that others in the cannabis industry could adopt, in whole or in part, some of the concepts and designs we've published.

Documentation and Examples are available at